@colinwalker no recommendations from my side, but I am definitely going to put the book on my To Read bookshelve! Very curious to read it.

@patrickrhone jenever?

@patrickrhone Let's hope that's with mayonnaise then! 😉 Enjoy your stay!

@ArnoldHoogerwerf The prompt we used was as follows: Street style photo of a Dutch 10-year-old girl, blond short hair, curtain bangs, in a skate park, medium-full shot, centered, wearing modern streetwear clothing --ar 2:3

@KimberlyHirsh Too bad you can’t join us in the near-frenzy during the Hollandse Nieuwe season 🤣

@lostinhaste you must have watched that film over and over 😉

@KimberlyHirsh I really like the word “bode” for these hyperlocal free newspapers. It means something like “the bringer of the news” and feels much more personal than “krant” or “courant”.

Welcome to the Netherlands BTW! Enjoy Amsterdam but don’t forget to also explore the rural parts around Aalsmeer!

@patrickrhone I would further recommend Eye Filmmuseum across 't IJ and (if you're into contemporary art) het Stedelijk. Public transport isn't too expensive, but nothing beats traveling by foot or bicycle! It also saves you money and you avoid the stress of finding the cheapest options. Weather permitting, of course😉

@patrickrhone For all museums you have to pick a start time and the number of persons regardless of different entrance fees (because of discount / age). In theory that means little waiting time, though I would recommend to reserve a time slot well in advance!

@artkavanagh "Bruce Willis reportedly agreed to a substantial pay cut to appear in the film, accepting the SAG-AFTRA scale of $1,400 per week at a time when the actor was earning roughly $15 million for his action movies."(Wikipedia)

That must say something about the willingness to act alongside Paul Newman!

@odd Hang in there! Getting over nicotine is though… but doable!

@RouvenMoeller herzlich wilkommen! hope you enjoy this friendly neighbourhood of the internet

@jeremycherfas I opened my exported opml file from NetNewsWire in MindNode, which gives a great visual structure of all your feeds, which you also can edit. It can also export as opml so in theory it should work, but I haven't tested this last step yet...

@Miraz Fascinating!

@Miraz Beautiful mantra, and what a great spirit to start your day with! Memento Mori and Memento Vivere seem to be two sides of the same coin, yet most Stoic thinking tends to focus on the Mori part. Would love to get suggestions on reading more on Memento Vivere…

@jeremycherfas A much needed must read!

"Our new challenge as little snowflake humans will be to prove we aren't language models. It's the reverse turing test."

@manton Would it somehow be possible to exclude conversations in my Micro.blog’s timeline that originated on Mastodon, but appear in my timeline because someone I follow on Micro.blog joined that conversation? (If you get what I mean…😉). It often feels a bit ‘off-key’, because a lot of the times those people aren’t even aware of the conversational atmosphere of Micro.blog, or even Micro.blog in general.

@patrickrhone One further recommendation I would like to add is the beautiful Belgian city of Antwerp!

@pcora @patrickrhone 🤫😉

@patrickrhone You’re cordially invited to pay a visit to Amsterdam’s little (and nearby) sister Utrecht 🙂

@artkavanagh fwiw, the album is available through Apple Music. And it’s very good..!

@artkavanagh What a beautifully written piece! Very eager to give HOME.S. a listen. I’m a big fan of his music!

@ndreas We did too! Episode 7 was the weirdest but also bravest TV series episode I’ve ever seen. Just one scene with 20 minutes of pure rage! That wasn’t possible in the pre-streaming era.

@odd So you weren’t able to listen yet? Not ideal, but I found a version on YouTube. To be honest I’m not too happy with linking to Apple Music in blog posts. I did also use song.link for a while, but I’m wondering how permanent those URLs will be in the long term. Perhaps the safest bet is to link to the Wikipedia article and let readers find the song on their own?

@vincent @manton Ooh, nostalgia! But even more relevant today than 5 years ago!